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Bluedot Partners With Verra Mobility Corporation to Bring EV Charging Solutions to Fleets
June 18, 2024
Selinay Parlak
COO @Bluedot
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Palo Alto, June 18,2024– Fleet management platform Bluedot has announced its partnership with smart mobility tech provider Verra Mobility Corporation (NASDAQ: VRRM) to bring EV charging solutions to business fleets.

Verra Mobility’s partnership with Bluedot has enabled it to add the ability to source, charge, and pay automatically at more than 80% of the nation’s public EV charging stations. 

Executive Vice President Steve Lalla of Verra Mobility’s Commercial Services arm said, “Access to charging is the number one pain point for our fleet customers utilizing electric vehicles, making Bluedot an ideal partner to expand our services.” 

Fleets are already transitioning to electric fleets, with states like California mandating fleet electrification for some of the largest brands. In response, Amazon and Walmart have announced ambitious plans to electrify within the next decade. However, McKinsey found the U.S. still needs another 1.2 million public chargers to cope with the expansion.

Home charging is expected to play a major role in overcoming this problem, with up to 80% of EV drivers in the U.S. and EU expected to have access to home charging options. However, businesses need help to track and reimburse these charging costs.

Bluedot’s solution provides an all-in-one solution for managing the numbers, with comprehensive home charging tracking solutions and automated reimbursement workflows. Furthermore, it allows for automated payments at public charging stations, making using public charging points simple.

According to Martin Hamedani, Vice President of Partnerships for Bluedot, “Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to manage and charge their EVs. Verra Mobility’s automated payment solutions already made them a natural fit for our product as part of the nation’s move towards electrification.”

Verra Mobility serves some of the largest fleet operators in the country with an array of services, including titling and registration, toll payment management, and traffic violation processing. The company processes more than 300 million tolls and violations annually, supporting more than seven million vehicles worldwide.

Bluedot’s partnership with Verra Mobility means Bluedot’s platform will now be made available to Verra Mobility’s new and existing customers. To learn more about how Verra Mobility supports fleets, visit

About Verra Mobility

Verra Mobility Corporation is a world-leading provider of smart mobility technology that improves efficiency, safety, and connectivity for the world’s leading global fleets.

About Bluedot

Bluedot provides an all-in-one platform to streamline EV fleet management with features like home charging and automated public charging payments. Bluedot serves corporate, government, and rental fleets to promote sustainable transportation, covering 80% of public charging points.