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With access to over 80% of the public chargers in the US, Bluedot helps you manage and track your fleet wherever it goes.
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Bluedot for Public Charging
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Charging Made Simple
Enjoy effortless payments and automatic expense tracking, making every electric mile smoother than ever.
Unprecedented Charging Access
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Effortless Payment
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Unlock the power of a vast public charging infrastructure at your fingertips.
Public EV Charging Accessibility
Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple apps and payment methods with our all-in-one solution.
Public Charging Accessibility with Bluedot Fleet Driver App
Bluedot with Apple Pay
Enjoy the convenience of automated payments and expense tracking, making every trip smoother.

More coverage, less headache.

Access network covering 80% of public charging stations.
Enjoy savings on charging costs.
See real-time charger availability and condition.


Network Coverage


Charging Saving


Uptime Boost
EVs at Public Charging
Integrated Charging Management
Bluedot empowers fleets to go electric with an integrated charging management dashboard.
Intuitive Fleet Dashboard
Data-Driven Decisions
Simplified Financial Management
Minimized Administrative Work
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A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Unlock the power of a vast public charging infrastructure at your fingertips.
A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Utilize comprehensive charging analytics to make informed operational choices.
Bluedot FleetOS
Benefit from Bluedot’s streamlined payments, consolidating all charging expenses into a single, easy-to-manage invoice.
Bluedot FleetOS Home Page
Reduce the burden of managing multiple charging platforms and reconciling payments with our unified solution.
”Using the Bluedot app has been a game-changer for our electric car fleet! It's incredibly easy to use and has helped us maximize our recharging efficiency like never before. With its intuitive interface and smart features, we can now ensure that our fleet is always charged and ready to go, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Thanks to Bluedot, managing our electric car fleet has never been easier!”
Cooper H.
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Public charging made simple.

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