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Bluedot Introduces Hassle-Free At-Home Charging Reimbursement for EV Fleets
June 6, 2024
Martin Hamedani
VP of Partnership @Bluedot
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Bluedot, the leading single-payment platform for EV fleet drivers, is introducing a robust solution to an increasing challenge for EV fleets: seamless reimbursement for at-home electric vehicle charging. The announcement came at the 2024 NAFA Fleet Expo in San Antonio, TX.

As fleets become increasingly more electric, the need to track and reimburse at-home charging has never been more critical. In California, for example, employers are required to reimburse employees for the cost of company-related travel. For employees who travel using an EV, this includes the cost to charge. Even in states with less explicit labor laws, at-home EV charging could qualify as a reimbursable business expense for federal tax purposes. Fleet managers who fail to set up a clear and precise EV charging reimbursement program are at an increased risk for a class-action lawsuit down the line. 

Precisely calculating electricity costs associated with at-home EV charging can be difficult and labor intensive, but in a win-win for EV fleet drivers and managers alike, Bluedot’s innovative new feature tackles this challenge head on: Drivers are empowered to charge vehicles at home without worrying about the cost, while fleet managers can seamlessly track their drivers’ at-home charging sessions—and reimburse each driver directly. 

Key Features of Bluedot’s At-Home EV Charging Reimbursement:

Real-Time Visibility

With seamless integration into the fleet dashboard (FleetOS), Bluedot automatically captures data from connected vehicles, simplifying fleet management while offering a transparent view into at-home charging activities.

Hassle-Free Reimbursement

Monthly reimbursement approvals provide drivers with direct compensation and IRS-compliant receipts.

Broad Compatibility

Bluedot’s at-home charging reimbursement feature works with all major EV models and home-charging setups.

Comprehensive Support

Bluedot’s 24/7 customer-support team is always available to assist users with setup, troubleshooting, and maximizing their reimbursement benefits.

“Bluedot is committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles in every way we can. For fleets to go electric, charging at home is a key piece of the puzzle. That’s why we’re so excited to launch this new solution making it easier for managers to track and reimburse at-home charging,” said Selinay Parlak, COO of Bluedot.

This launch is a significant milestone in Bluedot’s broader strategy to enhance the EV fleet-management experience and support the adoption of electric vehicles within fleets. 

Visit for more information about the product and how to enroll.