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Streamline your fleet's home charging with accurate expense tracking and rapid reimbursements.
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Full Home Charging Visibility
Power up your fleet's home charging with Bluedot. Precise tracking, clear rates, and seamless connectivity streamline the process for drivers and managers alike.
Track, Charge, Reimburse
Real-Time Visibility
Fair & Transparent Rates
Precise Data, Accurate Reimbursements
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A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Ditch the manual logs. Bluedot automatically tracks and calculates reimbursements for home charging sessions.
A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOSBluedot App
Fleet managers and drivers stay informed with instant access to charging data, ensuring all activity is captured and accounted for.
A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Fleet managers set custom reimbursement rates directly within the platform, fostering transparency and fairness for drivers.
A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Direct vehicle connections provide the exact details needed for accurate and justified reimbursements.
“Bluedot made charging our electric cars easy and fair for everyone, saving us around 8 hours a week on manual logging. It helps us save money and keeps our drivers happy by making sure every charge counts. Our drivers appreciate the simplicity and fairness, and as a fleet manager, the advanced connectivity and tracking capabilities give me peace of mind knowing every charge is accurately accounted for.”
Shannon F.
Fleet Operations Manager (200 EVs)

Reimburse public and at-home charging with confidence, agility, and accuracy for your drivers.

How It Works
Driving Employee Satisfaction
Bluedot satisfies employees by simplifying all EV charging activity in one app and making it easier to go electric.
Transparent Reimbursements
Promotion of Electrification
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Bluedot's clear and automated reimbursement process boosts driver satisfaction by removing the hassle from home charging.
Bluedot App
A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Enjoy the convenience of automated payments and expense tracking, making every trip smoother.
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