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Simplify your electric fleet management with automated charging expense tracking.
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How It Works

Leave the multiple charging bills behind with one unified solution.

Simple Supercharging Bills
Effortlessly manage your Tesla fleet's Supercharging expenses with a unified system.
Automated Expense Tracking
Direct Driver Billing
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Bluedot FleetOS Transactions
Automatically log Tesla Supercharging costs for precise billing.
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We bill drivers directly for their supercharging use on behalf of you, enhancing efficiency.
Streamlined Payments
Our platform ensures efficient payment monitoring, simplifying financial operations and enabling seamless, error-free invoicing.
Unified Payment Dashboard
Automated Invoice Generation
Efficient Payment Monitoring
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A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Manage EV fleet charging transactions more easily with Bluedot.
Bluedot FleetOS EV Fleet Driver Detail Page
Automatically generate and send invoices based on actual charging usage.
Bluedot FleetOS Dashboard EV Charging Transaction Detail
Easily monitor payment statuses, reducing administrative overhead.
Enhanced Cash Flow
Consolidate monthly billing for Tesla Supercharging expenses, eliminating direct operational challenges with drivers for payment collection.
Consolidated Monthly Invoicing
Direct Billing System
Operational Cost Transparency
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Bluedot FleetOS Fleet EV Charging Tracking
Get a single, detailed bill bill at month's end, covering all Supercharging activities, simplifying accounting processes.
A screenshot of the dashboard of Bluedot FleetOS
Bypass driver interactions for payments, with charges directly managed by the fleet, streamlining financial workflows.
Bluedot FleetOS Invoicing
Gain clear insights into charging costs with a comprehensive monthly statement, aiding in better financial planning.
"Bluedot makes the billing process simple for EV drivers and helps them control their daily expenses. Ride share drivers rely on efficiencies like this to enhance their financial success; and allows our team to dedicate more time to customer growth and satisfaction."
Justin P.
Fleet Operation Manager (Rent A Car Company)
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