Master Charging and Payments for Your Government Fleet

Provide seamless access to over 80% of public chargers in the US. Easily track charging sessions and behavior while handling all payments and reimbursements.
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Bluedot for Government Fleet
Public Charging
Provide access to over 80% of the public chargers in one app.
Home Charging
Easily track when drivers take their vehicles home and charge overnight.
Live Vehicle Tracking
See where your rental vehicles are at any time.
Charging Analytics
Understand how and where your renters are charging.

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Public Charging Accessibility
Provide your fleet drivers access to 80% of the public chargers in the US. Drivers can see all the chargers near them, plus real-time visibility and speeds. They can start charging and pay, all with Bluedot.
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Bluedot App for Fleet Driver EV Charging
Real time availability
Easily see if a charger is available and the last time it was used.
Find the charger
Filter the chargers by speed and connector type to find the chargers best suited for you.
One click charging
Simply select the charger you want to use and initiate charging in one click.
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Home Charging Reimbursement
Instantly track if your fleet drivers take their vehicles home to charge. Our dashboard shows you each home charging session. Assign a cost you’d like to provide for their electricity reimbursement, and we provide you with IRS-compliant receipts for reimbursement.
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Charging Tacking
Help keep your fleet ready.
Track when your drivers charge at home.
Compliant Receipts
We bring the receipts so you can properly reimburse your drivers.
Electricity Costs
You set the kWh price for home charging reimbursement. We take care of the rest.
Vehicle Tracking and Management
Easily manage key rental fleet parameters inside our fleet dashboard. From managing which renters are assigned to which vehicle to monitoring your vehicles' locations at any time.
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FleetOS Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Assignment
Ensure the renter is assigned to the right vehicle in your fleet.
Fraud Detection
Be alerted if your driver is using a vehicle outside of your fleet.
Live Vehicle Tracking
See where your rental vehicles are at any given time.