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EV Depot Charging Partners For Fleets
May 12, 2024
Martin Hamedani
VP of Partnership @Bluedot
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Electrifying fleets is an intelligent way of managing fleet costs and contributing to a greener world. There’s the buy-in for the green energy revolution, but barriers remain to electrification.

The nation’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is the most glaring issue. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, there are just four million charging points available today. However, various innovative companies are working to rectify the issue. 

Here are some partners supporting businesses by installing chargers and actively developing land for charging hubs.


1.   EV Realty

EV Realty’s primary concept is Powered Properties. It seeks to develop land to produce multi-fleet charging hubs for commercial fleets. They have partnered with GreenPoint Partners in a $200 million venture to rapidly introduce high-powered commercial EV facilities for delivery fleets. 

Although EV Realty has modest plans to open nine charging hubs in the coming years, these are mainly located in California. Despite that, they’re positioning their hubs close to commercial districts with a desire to use the Golden State as a testing ground for future rollouts.


2.   Forum Mobility

Forum Mobility’s goal is to support businesses through electrifying their fleets with no upfront costs. They have already offered overnight charging at ports in multiple U.S. locations. One of its major locations is Long Beach, where it’s provided 25 port chargers to aid in electrifying America’s logistical network.

Its efforts are already bearing fruit, with an estimated 200 Class 8 truck capacity per day at its Long Beach Port. This company’s ambitious investments are already providing a blueprint for other providers.


3.   Gage Zero 

Gage Zero is another company offering purpose-built chargers in locations where businesses need them most. It touts itself as accelerating the transition to zero emissions by building reliable EV infrastructure with zero upfront costs. 

Recently, Gage Zero partnered with Hillside to deliver Texas’s first-ever EV fleet. If successful, it plans to position Texas as one of America’s biggest hubs for EV fleets.


4.   Greenlane 

Greenlane offers the design, development, and installation of EV charging infrastructure as part of a high-performance network for commercial fleets.

It’s already committed to building a continuous 280-mile corridor of EV chargers for electrified fleets. All its charging stations are designed to be zero-emission and open to the public. One of its biggest accomplishments is its hydrogen refueling network for commercial vehicles.


5.   Terawatt 

Terrawatt is an end-to-end provider of EV charging stations for the commercial sector. They design, develop, operate, and maintain charging sites without outsourcing. It’s what made it one of the backbones of commercial EV transport solutions in the U.S.

Across the nation, Terrawatt has designed and operated EV charging stations aimed at different fleet classes, including light, medium, and heavy-duty. This has led to them securing numerous contracts and investments, including $1 billion as a cleantech unicorn.


6.   Voltera

Voltera is a dedicated EV charging partner, offering specially designed charging facilities to enable businesses to switch to electrified fleets. Their rapid growth empowers them to support businesses seeking to expand at scale. 

Additionally, they’re a development and operations partner. This allows them to make an impact at every step of the value chain as an authentic turnkey solution.


7.   WattEV Inc.

WattEV Inc. is a dedicated provider of EV charging solutions for commercial fleets. They have developed a charging infrastructure to meet fleet needs, including heavy-duty chargers and Level 3 chargers capable of rapid charging.

Furthermore, WattEV Inc. offers dedicated software solutions to help businesses manage and optimize their fleets.


8. Zeem Solutions 

Zeem Solutions owns and operates the largest commercial EV charging station in the U.S. As a Transportation-as-a-Service provider, Zeem offers a single-source solution for leasing, servicing, charging, and energy storage for electric truck and bus fleets.

After raising $10 million in seed funding, it’s won several lucrative contracts. Perhaps its biggest win to date is its contract with rental car company Hertz with EV charging services one mile away from LAX Airport.