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How to Find EV Charging Stations?
May 24, 2024
Martin Hamedani
VP of Partnership @Bluedot
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Are you searching for how to find EV charging stations? The best way to find EV charging stations requires some knowledge, whether you're looking to purchase one of the top electric vehicles or you already own an EV and are traveling through uncharted territory. After all, EV charging stations don't market themselves with large signs as petrol stations do.

Then, how to find EV charging stations? Finding EV charging stations, thankfully, is relatively easy if you know where to search, and it's a skill that'll only become more useful over time. Many automakers have stated plans to switch to electric vehicles, and eventually, all new vehicles may need to be plugged in. It wouldn't hurt to be in the lead. The best news is that there are more EV charging stations currently than ever before, especially because new ones are being built with federal financing. Even though the situation is far from ideal, wherever you travel, you should be able to find a variety of EV charging stations nearby.

However, it pays to be able to find EV charging stations as quickly as you can if you suddenly find yourself with a rapidly draining battery and a car that requires 40 or more minutes of charging before you can get back on the road. You could locate a free EV charger, which would result in financial savings if you look for how to find free EV charging stations. Here's how to find EV chargers in your area.

  1. Knowing your type of EV charger: Know precisely what types of chargers are compatible with your vehicle before searching for how to find EV charging stations. This includes being aware of the kind of charger your car can use and how much electricity it can manage. Although many electric vehicles do not, the CCS charging standard is used by most vehicles. A famous example is Tesla, whose cars in North America have a particular charging port.
  2. Try Finding EV chargers with your Car: When you ask how to find EV charging stations, the first thing that should come to your mind is your car. Modern automobiles like electric cars come with a wide range of high-tech features as standard equipment. One of these is the infotainment screen, which nearly always comes with pre-installed navigation software. Generally speaking, that program can direct you to EV charging outlets. Just like you would for a gas station or other landmark, you just need to search for them. Some more expensive EVs can also take into account the battery level and will direct you to a compatible charging station in the middle of the drive.
  3. Applications to locate EV charging stations: Although tools like Google Maps and Apple Maps can assist you in finding an EV charging station, the data needs to be completed. These apps might be useful in a pinch, but there's a significant possibility the data needs to be more accurate and current. Therefore, it would be wiser for you to download a different app made just for finding EV chargers so that you can search for “EV charging stations near me” anytime.

Paying For EV Charging Stations

After the question of “how to find EV charging stations” comes the question of 'how to pay for the EV chargers.' Many EV charging stations in the past required you to download their app, register for an account, and provide your credit card information. What's more, it's about as user-friendly as a translucent toilet door, which is really pretty aggravating.

Recently, there has been resistance to this, and EV charging stations have begun to include contactless card readers. In this manner, you can tap your card and buy power without having to deal with any unwanted hassles. Furthermore, if you initially register for an account with some charging networks, you'll receive a discount or other benefits. Does it seem like a dream? It is certainly not! With Bluedot, you can easily download the app now and start using it. On the Bluedot app, you can locate nearest EV charging stations.